Upset Brews as the Electric Daisy Carnival Moves to Vegas:

This is so lame.... THEE biggest RAVE party is no longer going to be in the comfort of our own backyard & most of us will be unable to follow.

LA is getting sh!ttier by the day!

After 13 wonderful years at the Coliseum the event has new been pushed out of Los Angeles by the man.

We're quickly loosing all of the things that make us unique.

Coliseum Commissioner Rick Caruso & creator of the generic Grove Shopping Mall said, “My first reaction is good riddance.”

We're so tired of wealthy developers coming into LA & trying to dictate our way of life. We seriously don't need his Calabasas mentality polluting Los Angeles. We're glad he never ran for Mayor of LA & if he ever does we know who NOT to vote for.

We hope the EDC Rave will be back in 2012.

Damn the MAN!!!!

xoxo SOju B.


  1. Silly homos.... *Correction* it has not been hosted at the Coliseum for the past 13 years. Its been moving since it first began 13 years back. Its been in LA only for 5 years i believe, before that it was all the way in San Bernardino.


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