Nick Adams: Nobody Likes You When Your 23!!

"There really needs to be a camera app that makes rooms look clean when shameless people such as myself take self-portraits for Facebook. Anyway SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS IN MY SPIDEY UNDEROOS!" Nick

"Just in exclusive - Nick's bedroom makes him look like the ambassador of the GOOD WILL - because that's where those furnishings came from. The sheetless $30 mattress on the floor, the old a$$ laptop, the eyesore levalore blinds from the set of one day at time & the $5 Ikea screen from a queens garage sale on Gardner.

I have seen newer things at the Salvation Army. Furthermore if he even owns a car he should take a drive down Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills and have some restlin infused into those libido folds in his laugh lines & jowls. As anyone can see that gravity is definitly call his name, ring ring." Bobby Trendy

xoxo Neo

PS - Why has Bobby Trendy never aged over the last ten years? His face is so tight every time he smiles he passes gas.


  1. AKA Jase from jizzaddiction

  2. Shockingly some how Bobby Trendy remains to be the ageless wonder of weho! Also Id like to ad what ever hapiined to Alexis Arquette,Candy ass an dPagan Holiday?

  3. Nick is nothing but Hedonistis Dirt!
    Nothing butt another OLD whore!!!


  5. I just clicked on the above link and saw Nick's GAPPPING mAW!!
    Damn oldd whore, noone wants this tired bitch and he says he is bi! Please you old cunt yur nothing butt a gapping maw and piece of human harriet tub trash you damn idiot.

  6. Just another cunt selling his loose moose hole. Thanx 4 the laughs, Nick..and get a maid, your room looks skanky and durty- like you and your mother:)

  7. Flowers smell nice in the cherry blossom treeFebruary 22, 2011 at 10:34 AM

    Nick , I just wanted to tell you that you are no body, butt you already new that. Peace out.

  8. he does in reslin in thos laugh lines...just sayn

  9. wow- someone needs to grow up.......

  10. Weeping Williow on the on Harriets tubmans TitsFebruary 22, 2011 at 1:05 PM

    Yes the some one is Nick my baby ..grow up get a fuckin maid and some reslin you damn bitch

  11. Aw, I'm famous? Thanks guys. ;D

    P.S. Goodwill's just too good for me. I get all my furniture off the side of the road, just like your lovin.

  12. That video is disgusting, his asshole looks CHEWED UP. Gross.

  13. that bedroom looks like, scabies-level dirty. sick.

  14. Nick, call Bobby Trendi he will give yo $150.
    THATS THE thing to do in this town
    See Bobby get the rent paid then do videos for chi then stream for chi chi
    Then become a masseur in palm springs.
    Theres ur agenda
    im gana continue working at walmart

  15. Aunt Booby will make you a professional and give you rides in 'his' Asston Martini! Get you off the street!

  16. Not his. Joeblo Kenans!

  17. This kid Nick copy and pastes funny tweets by comedians and writers on TWITTER and then posts them as his FACEBOOK STATUS . People actually think this kid is funny and creative, hell NO. just copy and paste his status into google - LOSER

  18. Everyone knows bobby trendy hasnt worked any where in ten years.
    He buys life insurances on older men that me meets at The Gay and Lesbian Center dinners every November at the Center Gala Dinner where its $50K a table.
    He also gets these um gentlemen to buy him that jaguar he has the escalde and the mercedez a few years back and ow the aston.
    He befriends the HIGHEST donors at these dinner partys
    What happined to Rick Weiss? What happined to Jimmy Leather wood? What happined to Steve Chase? They were all Bobbys insured friends ,what cause the mysterious deathes after two years of meeting Ms Trendy? Just to let you al know theres a 2 years clause in life insurance policys.
    They are mesmerized by his fame and "youth"
    He buys insurances and delivers young boys.
    He the smart one around here.
    I WAS one of the boys and now that im 30 ? Im working at Cafe Detoile where I have to wait on him and others.
    He how nevr didnt forget me, and tips me 100% everytyme.
    Beauty fades, you guys so if ur gana work the system work it while you can!

  19. I don't know...I've met Nick a couple of times in person, and he's about the hottest guy I've ever seen...cute face, cute voice, great hair, sweet personality, amazing body with incredible abs, dresses well and has a great head of hair. I'd do him, messy apartment and bad furniture and all, and pay for the privilege. Wonder if he's in the market for a sugar daddy...if so, I'll push and shove to the front of that line! ;)

  20. lets not forget bobby trendy my be defying time due to his cosmetic surgeon, but in truth he's still ugly just young looking ugly!

  21. @mr. t.v if you really think what you typed i'd hate to see what you look like!

  22. I'd rather be Nick's friend than some spiteful queen who spreads hate. Nick is hot, and sweet, and kind, and classier than any of you who left mean comments. Must be ” nice” to have always lead a squeaky clean life.Guys in who do unconventional things to support themselves aren't what poisons our community. The poison is a gay guy who bitterly attacks his own. Homophobes can spend more time bashing gays when you do their work.

  23. omfg... my crush just died


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