Mayor John Heilman of West Hollywood is a Corrupt Traitor:

If you don't know by now our Mayor John Heilman, Abbe Land & Lindsey Horvath are trying to stay on city council while politically involved citizens of Weho are praying that the corrupt politician's are not elected back on to the council. The 3some has sold out to developers, driven away visitors, consistently ignores the voices of the constituents & is known for raping small business owners in the city. It's time to take back West Hollywood.

Not sure if LA Weekly will get to this but WeHoConfidential will?

There's three layers to this story:

1. "Democratic" slate of Council members who are running to retain their corrupt seat in the WEHO election on March 8th are spending money to get on Republican slate cards to sound like Republicans & gain their votes. Why would they do that if they were not worried about the fact that there is a Republican actually running in this election?

2. The mail is produced by Voter Guide Slate Card. The owner is a guy by the name of Tim Carey. You might read and link to this article:

"Carey's criminal past: conviction of three felonies in 1992 for committing lewd acts on a then 12-year-old girl."

Why are Abbe Land and Lindsey Horvath the Republican is giving money to a convicted child molester? They each paid him $243, as you can see in their January campaign finance reports. We wonder if this has anything to with the sex offenders are living illegally close to Rosewood Elementary?

3. HEILMAN (evil dictator)did not even report paying Carey, yet the slate card says he did pay for the endorsement. That follows into this story yesterday on WeHo News:

xox Neo

PS - Vote Lucas John on March 8th, 2011!!!


  1. The same Lucas John wehoconfidential called a hooker in so many past posts that have all mysteriously vanished?

    I wonder how long before this comment will be deleted....

  2. It will vanish with the speed of Dr. Joe Kenan posts! Betcha!

  3. Not EVERYTHING vanished....

    The link on his name doesn't work of course but what's written is enough...

  4. If you would like to catch-up with the latest on Dr. Joe Kenan, please look at todays Los Angeles Times. Even Aunt Boobie got her picture in the paper! Nice representation of the community folks!


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