Gay Couple Assaulted by Burger King Staff Awarded Millions:

When Peter Casbar, 43, and Noel Robichaux, 46, placed their order at a New Jersey Burger King in 2007, they sure as hell didn’t get it “their way.” The employee at the register who took their order began insulting the couple for being gay, and then proceeded to chase the couple out of the restaurant and down the street along with the store’s manager and several other employees. The Burger King staff beat, kicked and spit upon the two gay men.

All of this is of course a very clear violation of New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination. It took three years, but the BK bullies were finally prosecuted for committing a hate crime against the two men. The silver lining here: A jury has awarded the couple $3.15 million dollars in punitive damages. You can’t put a price on having your dignity violated, but we’d say that three million bucks is a good start.

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