Seth Walsh 1997-2010

We think Seth was a smart kid who had a wonderful support system at home.

He saw how screwed up the system was when he couldn't even count on being protected by the faculty at his school.

We'd like to think of Seth as a martyr since he died for a cause.

There should be laws in place to protect LGBT youth from being mentally & physically tortured in school.

If we can't address tolerance in the school system then we have no hope.

We need a federal law to protect LGBT youth while they are in school.

School officials need to be held accountable for the physical safety of students like Seth who are being bullied in schools all over the country.

Every minority has a place in the history books ... where is the gay section in the history books?

Why are we allowing ourselves to be over looked as if we don't exist while we hide in our closets or fail to be affectionate in public settings with the one we love.

All of the self-hating idiots on adam4adam who try to mask their sexuality by using terms like dude, bro & masculine are pathetic... who even talks like that any more?

Stop feeding into gay hate people & come all the way out of the closet.

This is why we hate celebrities who promote closet living. Why are there no gay actors on hollywoods A-list? Because they are afraid to come out of the closet & their management teams do everything in their power to keep it that way.

Come on out... Jake Gyllenhaal & Hayden Christensen you can't hide forever.

xoxo Neo

Ps - Rachel Bilson is just a professional beard these days. She'll probably be dating Gaylor Lautner by next week.