The Good, The Bad & The Ugly ... Fridays: ft. Kota Thomas

If you don't know by now we feature local fame whores every Friday that is unless we get too high & forget.

It's the good, the bad & the ugly. This website was created to be a platform for everyone in West Hollywood who is trying to stand out. We feel this particular section truly belongs to all of the local artists who are just trying to make a name for themselves... Good, bad or ugly!

Okay enough fluff.....

So we were pretty much sharpening our tranny claws as we prepared to dig into Kota Thomas however we actually listened to his music this morning & to be honest we're kind of feeling him. We also wouldn't mind feeling his loose little twink hole with our ~tongues~... but that's another story.

Click here to check out his music or here to follow this little twink on twatter.

Kota started this pending music career from scratch 3 months ago & now has over 700 fans. That's incredible and AMAZING! We have a feeling this one will be getting signed(hint) & we wish him lots of luck.

xoxo Neo


  1. His Music is Photoshopped Like all his Pictures. Gosh we really wish the interns would stop writing these columns. You want talent??? then you should try and go see them perform. O thats right he doesn't perform anywhere cuz he has none. FYI: Artists perform, Track people record.

  2. What a loser. He is currently a nobody and he will always be a nobody. His photos are Photoshopped to hell, his music is AWFUL. He's been using the same pictures OVER AND OVER AGAIN for forever. Why do these people do this to themselves? How embarrassing.


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