Civil Rights Activist: Director Rob Reiner

We spend a lot of time boycotting, protesting & bitching about the things that piss us off. We've decided to take a moment out of our usual routine to throw some love to Oscar winning director Rob Reiner.

A lot of good people have gotten involved with California's struggle for gay equality. The truth is that this is going to be a long uphill battle that doesn't start or end with California. We are dealing with a civil rights movement that may take decades to overcome but we will overcome it!

Rob Reiner along with his lovely wife Michelle are co-founders for the American Foundation for Equal Rights! Our straight allies have been rounding up cash from their wealthy friends, they have picked up the tab for legal fees to fight prop 8 and they have never once asked for anything in return.

It's sad to think that so many homosexual MEN have been rather passive in regards to this issue & we hope you ask yourselves this question. Am I doing my best to change this situation or am I letting someone else do all the work for my cause? Change doesn't happen on it's own honay!

Rob we know that you have a lot of other people who are working with you but we felt the need to thank you specifically! From the bottoms of our cold little hearts...


xoxo Neo & Soju


  1. I'm trying to get a message to Rob Reiner regarding the POW/MIA's. We know where a lot of them were and are now. jerry mullaney 618 616 3263

  2. I am trying to get a message through to Rob Reiner also, I have proof the devil exists and talk about him causing the Natual Disasters we are seeing in the news are talk about it a little in Stephen Kings official website religion forum. Make sure to watch my video. I dare you to come proove me wrong.

  3. I would like to send Rob Reiner or your organization a few "Please Don't Euthanize me"

    I have them on sale on ebay with 15% of cost going to American Cancer Society

    Let me know where to send them! thanks

    Bob Decker

  4. I heard the radio play "Eight" recently. It was terrific, and it reminded me of an article I wrote last year, titled "The Fake Threat of Gay Marriage."

    It is at

    For those of you who take the time to read it, thanks so much. And know that I welcome any comments, positive or otherwise.

  5. What an asshole!


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