Andrew Christian

Fairy Drag Mother Allusia Spills the T on PrEP:

What would your fairy drag mother do? Get tested..     xoxo GG

Andrew Cristian Wants To Get Into Go-Go Boy's Pants ! ! !

YAAASSSS Huniiii we are getting so close to having our dreams come true with the recent 13 thou...


Super Booty Bumpin' Friday w/ DJ Ben Castro at FUBAR

Actual Dancer The award winning DJ Ben Castro will be in the mix for this Super Booty Bumpin...

Who Or What Is A Candy Ken?

Seriously, what the fuck is this...he goes by "Candy Ken". Something fucked here. @CandyKe...


Micky's Closing for 30 Days:

Micky's will close for 30 days hunny and it's not for renovations.... After trying to fen...

Gender Fluid Friends Get More Attention ? ? ?

HAHAH! Say it ain't so! Is the trick now a days to be "Gender Fluid"?  We sho...

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