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Jesse Saint John Releases Breakout Single 'MOVE' Listen Now

Skuuuuuuuurt! Ohcurrrrr hunty we are living for the new Jesse Saint John single, 'MOVE'. And by move, we meanJesse is clearly saying, "GET OUT THE WAY BITCH I'M COMIN' THRU!".

Call the local morgue and let them know we're coming cause 'MOVE" has us DYING!

If you don't know who Jesse Saint John is, let us find you a couple receipts starting with Brooke Candy's trash can, then we can head over to Camila CaBeLlO or whatever her last name is and there you will find them....Jesse has written all the best one liners Brooke Candy ever mumbled.

I must be a masochist to love you cuz you'll never come around
Waiting by the exit for you, light a cigarette to put it out
Where Jesse really lands as genius is in the length of the track. Coming in under two minutes and thirty seconds, 'MOVE' is just enough to garner a replay, racking up the Spotify plays. We have seen more and more shorter songs, mostly as a charting strategy popularized by…

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