Andrew Christian

Amazing 'I Can't Dance' Music Video by Plus Size Diva Amanda Hackey

We know the internet loves a good laugh but this Amanda Hackey girl is a star !!!! She...

Friday's Fresh Meat Alert ! ! !

This dude... and at least 4 more are going to be shredding it tonight. Booty Bumpin' Fri...


Bryan Singer's Twink Compound listed on Judgmental WeHo Map

Lady ..... this map is highlarious! Whoever made it needs ti be cum-ended! We can't stop ...

Where does Murray Swanby Model Now?

We're so confused we thought Murray Swanby was the HBIC of the Andrew Christian squad! B...

TBT: Detox Icunt's High School Yearbook Photo #RPDR

Yes hunny.... Despite popular rumors created by the drag dive herself, Detox Icunt is not "...

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