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Another Marco Marco Show...

Marco Marco had his 249th fashion show of the year last night. There must have been some leftover fabric from the last one. Lulz!

We would like to take this time to point out how flawless Kiki Xtravaganza looked in her outfit and accompanying calf muscle straight off the rack of 24hr Fitness! Werk bitch! We hope you got paid like James Charles and Manny MUA. You were the best part of the show!

Moving on...the music was bopping. Shoutout to Dj Whoever The Fuck, you did a good job...again.

However, where the show really starts to fall apart was in the self-serving "models" that stumble down the runway visibly hungover, still coming down from the night before.

Honestly, it was cute the first time when Vicky Vox did the laughing track with a cigarette, that really broke barriers. But there is nothing cute watching a group of 40yr old queens miming inside jokes to one-another.  NOT TO MENTION...Youtuber Manny MUA and racist twitter troll James Charles slugging their way down the …

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